Autres Services



In addition to translation and editing & proofreading, I offer the following services.




I can help you create material in English, such as a bio to submit to a professional conference or association web site, a script to accompany a power point presentation, a letter to a publisher, etc.




I can help you improve your writing in English with a customized short-term coaching program that takes into account your audience, needs, and current strengths and weaknesses when writing in English. This can be done on a one-to-one basis or as a workshop.




I offer workshops to groups on a wide range of topics related to effective writing in English. Examples of topics include:

- Guide to Effective Revision

- How to Use Internet Resources Effectively

- Dos and Don’ts for Spanish Speakers Writing in English

- Effective Signposting

- Guide to Effective Writing


I can also custom design a workshop to fit your specific needs.




I work in tandem with communication consultant Madeleine Cannon to help you effectively prepare and deliver oral presentations in English for conferences, business meetings, PhD defenses, etc. My role is to help you perfect the presentation’s script and accompanying visual materials, and the voice coach gives you the tools you need to deliver your ideas in English with clarity and confidence.



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