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Academic Writing Retreats for Faculty

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  • Do you have a writing project that you're eager to get out the door or do you just want to get a jump on your writing in the new year?

  • Would you like the support of a community of writers who understand the challenges and tensions you face as a writer?

  • Does the idea of dedicated writing time and space sound appealing?

  • Are you in need of some accountability or healthier writing habits?

  • Have you been struggling to write in English?

One way to relieve some of the pressure surrounding your writing and make progress is to attend a writing retreat, where there is time, space and community dedicated exclusively to writers and writing.


The academic writing retreats I run do just that — provide you with a distraction-free environment in which you can make progress on your writing project within a community of writers.

How does an AWR work?

  • We meet and work as a group in a protected space.

  • Each writer works on her or his personal writing project.

  • I run the workshop in English, but you can write in any language.

  • I plan and facilitate the activities for you, so all you have to do is write.

  • Because we honor both writing and writers, focused writing blocks and guided discussion/reflection activities alternate with refreshing social breaks that feed our bodies and our spirits.

  • During the retreat we strictly adhere to the scheduled timings and activities, as they have been amply shown to be effective. (Participants are given the exact timings and activities beforehand.)

  • Having protected time and space to write helps lower the pressure that come with the external pressures on your writing, which gives you more room for thinking, working through sticking points and reconnecting with the pleasure of writing, all of which boost your productivity.

How is the AWR structured?

  • The core of the retreat is a set of 60- and 90-minute writing blocks. The writing blocks alternate with guided discussion/reflection activities, coffee breaks, and a physical wellness+lunch break. 

  • Depending on the length of the retreat and participant preference, an interactive session on academic writing in English can replace the final writing block.

  • The classic retreat is 2.5 days, but I also run 1.5-day and 1-day retreats. My retreats are based on the structured writing retreat for academics, pioneered by Rowena Murray.

How does the AWR help me write?

  • It creates focus, builds in accountability (the good kind!) and provides support for hitting your targets.

  • The structure and the social element of the retreat allow you to learn and practice healthy writing behaviors that you can use to improve your writing and your writing practice outside the retreat environment.

  • It places as much value on writers as it does on writing.

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