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Author Editing

As an authors' editor, when I edit your work, I take the content you’ve already created in English and help you modify it so you are able to communicate your message to your intended audience and for your intended purpose clearly and effectively.


If you are a less experienced author or you are still developing your fluency in English, your text will usually require heavy editing, which entails significant changes to the text in terms of organization, structure, word choice and grammar, as well as making sure your spelling, punctuation and formatting are correct and consistent. Often I will make queries regarding content or suggest further revision before you submit your text for publication. Heavy editing requires a greater time investment than light editing does, so make sure there is enough time in your writing schedule to allow both editing and further revising post-edit.

If you are a more experienced author or have near-native or native proficiency in English, then your text will usually require light editing. This entails minor changes to your writing and ensures that spelling, punctuation and formatting are correct and consistent.

If you are looking for help with specific aspects of your writing or the writing process or you would like an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses or other kind of consultation, please visit the Writing Solutions page.

Here are some examples of manuscripts that I’ve edited, arranged by field. The titles that have been published are links.

Biomedical Engineering 

  • articles on haptic drilling devices and haptic pedals for surgery

  • institutional presentation for a biomedical engineering company

  • an article on patient-specific abdominal aortic aneurism models

  • a series of articles on hepatic artery blow flow models [1] [2] [3]

  • a PhD thesis on drug delivery and scaffold degradation

Computer Science 

  • an article on usability engineering for mobile applications

  • a series of articles on a blended learning platform



Electric & Electronic Engineering

Environmental Engineering

  • a PhD thesis on a novel control solution for ATADs

  • a conference presentation on eco-efficient sewage treatment plant layouts

  • a paper on optimizing the control and operation of aeration systems in wastewater treatment plants

  • a paper on high-solids anaerobic digestion-composting and composting


Industrial/Operations/Management Engineering

  • an article on scheduling constraints in different manufacturing contexts

  • an article on practical production scheduling

  • an article on demand-oriented production systems and Six Sigma

  • a paper on EFQM and information capability

  • an article on part feeding in mixed-model assembly lines

  • an article on teamwork effectiveness in healthcare and manufacturing

Linguistics/Language Acquisition 

  • an article on light verb constructions in Basque

  • a book proposal on cross-linguistic influence in CSE

  • a conference abstract on assessment measures for learners of Spanish in a study abroad context

  • an article on the stages of acquisition of ser and estar

  • an article on L2 acquisition in a study abroad context


Materials Engineering 


Mechanical Engineering 

Psychology/Psycholinguistics/Language & Speech Disorders


Authors' editor and proofreader 

for native and non-native speakers of English since 1991.

Authors' editor and proofreader of academic and scientific texts since 1991.

Extensive professional experience working with texts in education, applied mechanics, materials engineering, environmental engineering, biomedical engineering and industrial management engineering since 2005.

Post-graduate degrees in Linguistics. Primary specializations in psycholinguistics, discourse analysis and syntax; secondary specializations in cognitive science, cognitive psychology and language acquisition.

"Wendy's editing work goes beyond editing and proofreading. She's also a reviewer of content, eloquence and relevance! Her contributions to our papers have been invaluable as she is a true editing professional." —Rodrigo Romero-Silva, Assistant Professor, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City

"I have been using the editing services of Linguaverse to improve my papers. I found in Wendy a true commitment, she does not only check the English tenses but she also gets involved in the text. She makes an effort to understand what is written and why in order to improve the paper. In the end, I also improve my writing. Therefore, I am very grateful for her services, she's helped me a lot." —Federico Ibanez, Ceit-IK4

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