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Urumea river. Photo by Wendy Baldwin

I'm an independent language professional based in Donostia-San Sebastián, with over 25 years of experience helping academics write and publish their work in English. Although I work with all authors who write in English, I specialize in supporting multi-language academic writers, who often face additional challenges and burdens in writing for publication in English.

Regardless of your background, my goal is the same: to champion your work by helping you connect with your target readers. This means I help you shape a text that is fit for purpose and engages your audience.

To learn more about how I can help you take your manuscripts to the next level and to receive tips and strategies for writing in English with more confidence and greater ease, explore the tabs below and get in touch.

Let's collaborate

I edit texts originally written in English.

I specialize in academic and scientific texts in the social sciences and humanities, and texts related to the research and publication processes. Text types include:

Articles for publication

Abstracts, scripts, papers & other written material for conference presentations

PhD dissertations (partial edits)

Research & experiment-related materials: questionnaires, stimuli sets, consent forms, instructions for participants, participant feedback, etc.

Book chapters & book proposals


Reports for project partners, funding agencies & other dissemination texts

Texts for teaching (course syllabi, notes, exams, slides, etc.)

I run structured writing retreats for writers who are looking for dedicated and distraction-free space and time to either push a writing project ahead or get started on a new or long-dormant project.

Writing retreats for academic writers have a proven track record—benefits include:

Time & space to set ambitious but realistic goals

Accountability and support from like-minded writers

Room to discuss writing challenges, assess outcomes and celebrate achievements

Ample writing time interspersed with breaks to refuel and recharge

A typical writing retreat is 2.5 days, though shorter or longer retreats are available.

Writing retreats are currently online (Zoom) but I hope to offer retreats in San Sebastián in 2023. 

I run writing workshops that help authors with their writing output as well as with their writing process. Examples of workshops include:

The Fundamentals of Scientific Writing and Publication (best for: 1st and 2nd year PhD students)

Effective Self-Revision Module (best for: any audience)

I do personalized writing assessments for academic authors, providing tailored feedback about strengths & weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

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