There are many online resources and tools that writers can turn to for guidance and advice. The categories below contains resources that I have found to be useful for writers and in my own work. Like any resource or tool to be found online, each has its strengths and limits, and each needs to be used with a critical eye: no resource is ever definitive.


Dictionaries are an indispensable tool for any writer, particularly for non-native speakers.


Online English dictionaries

The Free Dictionary.

Online translation dictionaries

Linguee. Good for many language pairs and shows actual translations in context.

Word Reference. 

Online writing/editing aids

Intelligent has two add-ons that you can use with Google Drive. It's a good idea to learn how to use the tools and get in habit of using, especially before you send your paper to the outside world: your co-authors, colleagues, editor or proofreader, publisher or funding agency.

Consistency checker

Abbreviations checker