I translate your external and internal communications from Spanish to English and from French to English. I have translated academic papers for publication, abstracts for conferences, reports, quality manuals and other documents for organizations (HR documentation, procedures), news items for organizations, web pages for education and industry, annual reports, materials for investors, sales brochures, cover letters, general audience articles and screenplays.


Here are some examples of recent translations:




- an article on TICs (Education)

- a series of articles on the creation of teacher identity (Education)

- an article on interface design/engineering (Computer Science)

- a conference paper on developing interactive applications (Computer Science)

- a conference paper on Web 2.0 (Computer Science)

- an article on happiness (Economics)

- pages relating to student services, scholarships, admissions and degree descriptions for a School of Engineering web page



- a presentation to investors for a biomedical engineering company

- news items and job offers for an engineering research center’s web page

- a manual for a human resources portal

- quality control documents and testing procedures for a steel manufacturer

- web page items and brochures for a manufacturer of pumps and blowers



- news items for a novelist’s web page

- a film script and synopsis

- a calendar for cultural events in Bilbao, Spain

- a text on traditional Spanish costumes



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Freelance translator since 2005.

Extensive professional experience working with texts in education, applied mechanics, materials engineering, environmental engineering, biomedical engineering and industrial management engineering since 2005.

Post-graduate degrees in Linguistics. Primary specializations in psycholinguistics, discourse analysis and syntax; secondary specializations in cognitive science, cognitive psychology and language acquisition.

Undergraduate degree in Linguistics with a minor in Spanish.