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Given the prominence of English in academic and scientific communication, being able to transmit your research, knowledge and expertise in clear and engaging English that is tailored to your purpose and target audience is essential.

I take the message that you have carefully crafted in Spanish and with the same care I recast it into English and make sure that the translation reads naturally and is appropriate for your audience and purpose.


  • Anthropology

  • Computer Science

  • Education

  • History of Education


Independent Spanish to English and French to English translator since 2005.

Extensive professional experience working with texts in education, applied mechanics, materials engineering, environmental engineering, biomedical engineering and industrial management engineering since 2005.

Post-graduate degrees in Linguistics. Primary specializations in psycholinguistics, discourse analysis and syntax; secondary specializations in cognitive science, cognitive psychology and language acquisition.

Undergraduate degree in Linguistics with a minor in Spanish.

"It was great working with Wendy because she understood what we wanted to say. She is totally proficent in Spanish and English and she can give us the best advice in either language. At university we have to publish in English if we want to be read, but one of the hardest things to do is to convey all the ideas we have in an academically proper language. Sometimes our ideas are not well written because we do not have them clear in our minds, so translating is a tool for thinking and Wendy makes sure the language (as well as the ideas) flow in a smooth way. She always asks the questions that make not only your article but your ideas go further..." —Asunción Martínez Arbelaiz, University Studies Abroad Consortium