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Finding the time and space to write is often a challenge, and that's especially true now that Covid-19 has added complications to people's professional and personal lives. For many, having to work from home has weakened the boundaries between the office and the home and increased the labor involved in interacting with supervisors, colleagues, students, clients and family members. And on top of that, many are dealing with increased anxiety due to the uncertainty and precarity of the current times, when it's even more important and more difficult to find a time and a space to focus and write.

...on the go!

We are an international and multilingual team of writing facilitators who came together when Covid-19 hit to give scholars, language professionals and other writers structured writing sessions on Zoom.


We provide you with the structure—that's the time, space and focus—that you need to advance your writing, even when you're not in the mood or are feeling overwhelmed. And we work with a community of writers rather than individual writers, because having friendly and collegial support along the way adds a layer of motivation and alleviates feelings of isolation.


We take your need to write seriously, and we put everything together so all you have to do is show up and write...on the go!

We'd love for you to join our community. We have writers from across the globe, at different career stages, and from a variety of fields. Most of us happen to be writing in English (and a good number of us have English as a second or third language), but you can write in any language and work on any writing project that you need to finish and move out the door.

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