Wendy Baldwin 

Linguaverse Linguistic Solutions

Translation, Author Editing & Writing Support for Researchers and Higher Education


I am an independent language professional based in Donostia-San Sebastián, with over 25 years of experience working in higher education with both native and non-native speakers of English.

I work with academics, researchers, university services and research centers. My goal is to help you connect with your target audience—clients, peers, students, publishers, etc.—by helping you create a message that is 'fit to purpose', meaning that it is clear, engaging and appropriate for your audience.

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I translate from Spanish or French into English.

I specialize in academic and scientific texts in the social sciences, the humanities, and university services. Text types include:

Articles for publication


Abstracts and papers for conference presentations

Departmental or institutional press releases 

Texts related to university services: student services, recruitment & alumni services, human resources, etc. 

Texts for teaching: course syllabi, notes, exams, slides, etc.

Documents or web content related to project dissemination and the exploitation of results

Research & experiment-related materials included in publications: questionnaires, surveys, participant comments or feedback, etc.

I edit or proofread texts originally written in English.

I specialize in academic and scientific texts in the social sciences, the humanities and applied engineering, and texts related to the research process. Text types include:

Articles for publication

Abstracts, scripts, papers & other written material for conference presentations

PhD dissertations

Research & experiment-related materials: questionnaires, stimuli sets, consent forms, instructions for participants, participant feedback, etc.

Books & book proposals

Reports for project partners, funding agencies & other dissemination texts

Grant applications 

Texts for teaching (course syllabi, notes, exams, slides, etc.)

I run writing workshops that help authors with their writing output as well as with their writing process. Examples of workshops include:

Common Errors by Spanish-Speaking Authors


Connectors and Signposts: Signalling Relationships

Effective Revision: Process and Resources

Analyzing and Improving the Writing Process 

Information Flow: Signalling Importance 

I do personalized writing assessments for academic authors, providing tailored feedback about strengths & weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

I coach authors who would like longer-term help with their writing or a specific project. Together we assess the author's needs and plan an appropriate short-term program.

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