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If you'd like a quote for translation or editing, please submit your text(s) to me directly via email at linguaverse(at)gmail(dot)com.

Other enquiries


If you'd like more information about my other services or the work I've done in your field, or you have a general enquiry, you can contact me via the contact form below or email me directly at linguaverse(at)gmail(dot)com.

Before requesting a quote or hiring a translator/editor...


1/  Make sure your texts are complete before you submit them for a quote. Include tables, graphs, figures, references and any other material (as separate files or as part of the main file) that will give me the full context of your work and the full scope of the job. This will also help me give you accurate cost and time estimations.

2/  Rather than omit any text that you do not want me to consider for translation or editing, please mark it in some way (for example, gray highlighting). That way I will not include that text in the cost or time estimates, but I will have the full context I need.

3/  When making your request, please provide other information that will help me give you the best result: type of text, purpose and audience, the variety of English required/desired (e.g. US, UK, Aus, etc.), name of journal or publisher, the style manual required (e.g. APA, IEEE, CSE), word/character/page limits, etc.


4/  Give reasonable deadlines and avoid last minute requests. Quality translation and editing work requires time: in addition to the translation and editing work itself, time will also be needed to do research, check terminology, make queries, and then submit the paper to a final quality check. To give you an idea of potential turnaround time, a typical paper for publication takes at least two weeks to edit and at least three weeks to translate. The actual turnaround time will, of course, depend on a variety of factors, and I will do my best to honor your preferred deadline while making sure quality is not sacrificed.

5/  Most translation and author editing jobs require that we collaborate throughout the process, including after I have returned your translated or edited texts to you. Making sure that we have a working feedback channel is key to ensuring the best possible result. To be safe, you should plan on an additional number of days to follow up on queries, make adjustments and finalize the text before submitting it for publication. More time is usually needed for long, complex or texts written by authors who do not have a lot of experience writing in English.

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