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Writing Training


Writing training can take any number of forms, and it can address writing as process or product in general terms or it can be connected to a work in progress.

Writing training can benefit academic authors at any career stage. Developing/early-career writers often need and benefit greatly from training, while academics at later stages may also find professional guidance helpful as their career shifts and new opportunities and goals come into view.

Perhaps one or more of these scenarios describe you:

  • you're starting your academic career and you'd like to learn the fundamentals of writing academic manuscripts and submitting them to journals

  • you're looking for guidance in navigating academic writing as process and product

  • you'd like to better understand and improve your mastery of the finer points of linguistic and stylistic expression

  • you're a multi-language writer who comes from a different tradition of scholarly writing and you'd like to better understand the conventions of academic writing in English

  • you want to get more writing done and/or build up a writing habit you can stick to

  • you would like to learn how to revise more effectively

  • you'd like to write with more focus and greater confidence

  • you'd like help working through a new phase of your writing and publication career

  • you'd simply like to be more aware of your current writing strengths and weaknesses


The ways that I've helped authors in the past include:


I offer workshops to groups on a wide range of topics related to writing effectively and with confidence in English. Examples include:

- Academic/scientific writing for beginning PhD students

- Effective self-revision module: Processes and resources

- Writing effective professional biographies

- How to use online linguistic resources effectively

- Pitfalls for Spanish speakers writing in English

- Write with purpose and joy: aligning your values and your writing

I can also custom-design a workshop to fit your specific needs. Please contact me so we can set something up.


I can help you write more effectively and with greater clarity, focus and confidence with a personalized short-term coaching program that takes into account your context and your particular writing needs and goals. Together we discuss and agree on a short-term training program that sets you on the path you want to be on.


If you'd like to have a better understanding of your current strengths and weaknesses of your academic/scientific writing in English, I analyze two or three pieces of recent writing that have not been professionally proofread or edited, and then I provide you with detailed written feedback and a tailored list of recommendations for improving your written English.



Academic writing instructor since 1993, for both native and non-native speakers of English.

I have taught writing and helped develop teaching materials and curricula at universities and colleges in the US, Sweden and Spain:

• California State University at Long Beach

• University at Buffalo

• World Maritime University

• North Seattle Community College

• Tecnun School of Engineering

• University of Vigo

"I have worked in tandem, as a voice coach, with Wendy on a number of presentations. Her combination of linguistic knowledge and ability to engage with people results in their finding a clear, meaningful expression of their content within a strong structure, which they can then deliver effectively. I strongly recommend her and her work." —Madeleine Cannon, voice and communication coach

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