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As an authors' editor, I help you improve a manuscript you've already written in English so it can be submitted to a journal or publisher for peer-review and publication. Together we work to improve organization, flow and linguistic expression so you can be more confident that you are  communicating your research effectively. 

Regardless of how much intervention and collaboration is required, my job is to help you get your message across in a way that will be clear and appropriate for your target reader and context. You can think of me as the bridge between you and your target reader, helping you connect with each other.

If you are looking for help with specific aspects of your writing or the writing process, or you would like an assessment of your writing strengths and weaknesses or other kind of consultation, please visit the Writing Solutions page.


My primary areas are, in a nutshell, all things brain, language and cognition. These are also the areas that I am most passionate about:

  • Psycholinguistics & neurolinguistics

  • Linguistics, theoretical & applied

  • Language & speech disorders

  • Language acquisition & language learning

  • Education & pedagogy

  • Cognitive psychology

  • Cognitive science

I have also worked extensively — and take a genuine interest in — applied engineering:

  • Biomedical engineering

  • Circular economy & sustainability

  • Environmental engineering 

  • Industrial engineering & management

  • Materials engineering

  • Mechanical engineering




If you don't see your discipline or area/topic listed above, I may still be able to help you given the interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary nature of the social sciences, humanities and applied sciences. Tell me about your research and I'll let you know if that's an area I can tackle.


Editor of academic and

scientific texts since 1991.

Post-graduate degrees in Linguistics (PhC).

Primary specializations in psycholinguistics, discourse analysis and syntax;

secondary specializations in cognitive science, cognitive psychology and language acquisition.

Specialist in editing texts

written by

multi-language authors.


Extensive professional

experience editing texts in

the social sciences, humanities and applied engineering

since 2005.

"Wendy's editing work goes beyond editing and proofreading. She's also a reviewer of content, eloquence and relevance! Her contributions to our papers have been invaluable as she is a true editing professional." —Rodrigo Romero-Silva, Assistant Professor, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City

"I have been using the editing services of Linguaverse to improve my papers. I found in Wendy a true commitment, she does not only check the English tenses but she also gets involved in the text. She makes an effort to understand what is written and why in order to improve the paper. In the end, I also improve my writing. Therefore, I am very grateful for her services, she's helped me a lot." —Federico Ibanez, Skoltech

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